A poem Manny Furious wrote about the Taoist concept of Ziran, for some reason while daydreaming about Lemon Crush….


I sit

in my office

staring out the window

to a blissful summer morning. A day that actually feels

for once

like the beginning of summer. Something

you read about in poems

by far better poets. And instead

of being outside

being a poet

I’m trying to remember how to keep track of my

department’s budget and getting superfluous

bureaucratic paperwork together.

An obscure 90s band


Marvelous 3

is playing

quietly on the computer. And I think

of you

also trapped in an office

dealing with things

not summer


If things were different, what could we do? Where

could we


Would we?

To want for things

that cannot be

is not considered “enlightened.”

But enlightenment

is overrated.

I prefer things

the way they are. For what could

be more


than my

whimsical fantasies

about me and you

doing things that will



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