A Snippet of a Conversation Between Manny Furious and One of His Bosses about Professionalism

“Are those Spider-Man socks?”


“That’s not professional. Those aren’t professional socks.”

“I don’t understand what socks are professionals? Like, I wasn’t aware there were certain socks that got paid for highly-skilled job of being socks.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. you know what I mean.”

“Don’t I do a good job?”

“You’re one of the best Family Networks Education Recovery Deliminators I’ve ever seen. And the clients love you.”

“Do I ever give you cause for concern about the way I do my job?”

“Beyond your occasional naivete and obliviousness and concerning lack of common sense? No.”

“So what does it matter what kind of socks I wear?”

“It’s in the employee handbook Manvil. We are to exude an air of professionalism at all times.”

“And what do socks have to do with that?”

“They’re Spider-Man socks. They’re the socks of children. Not professionals.”

“But I’m a professional. A good performing one, at that. And I’m wearing them. So you’re wrong.”

“Change your socks tomorrow, or you will be put on a corrective action plan.”

“Ok, so, tonight, after work, I’ll run to the store, grab me some black socks, ok?”

“Yes. Good idea.”

“And in the morning I’ll walk in to my office, lay the socks on this here chair I’m sitting on, and the socks can do my job for me. Professionally, of course.”



“Ok, fine, Manvil. Have it your way. Wear your childish stockings. But whatever the Empty Suit does to you if it happens to see you wearing them is on you. Don’t say I didn’t try to warn you.”

“Thank you.”

“But I’ve noticed your button-up is short-sleeved today.”

“But it is a button-up. With a collar and everything. A very professional shirt. Probably got an MBA before entering Old Navy’s inventory.”

“Perhaps. But your tattoos on your arm are showing.”




“And…again, as per the employee handbook, we are determined to exude an air of professionalism at all times.”

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