A snippet of a conversation between Manny Furious and El Crow about capitalism and language….

“So, if the government tells you to be more productive, to the point of having to pee in bottles instead of talking a restroom break, that’s…”

“Authoritarianism. Tyranny.”

“Amazon does the same thing to their employees….”

“Oh, well, that’s just good, smart business, Furious.”

“Ok, and an individual asks you to be mindful of the things you say….”

“That’s obviously political correctness and a blatant stifling of the first amendment of the constitution of the United States of America. Isn’t it clear?”

“Uh-huh. But when your place of employment asks you to watch what you say….”

“That’s just company policies, Furious. Businesses are private property. They have the right to regulate such things.”

“Right. Moving forward, when a nation has a large percentage of its population on welfare….”

“That’s big government. Socialism.”

“When a large corporation has a large percentage of its employees on welfare….”

“That just means those workers need to learn a more marketable skill, and/or learn to live within their means.”

“Sure, so what you’re saying is that no matter the problem, it’s always due to individuals or governments, but never because of big business? Which wields large amounts of influence and control over both individuals and governments?”

“Businesses have the right to create their own policies, that look out for their own best interests, Furious. Corporations are people too.”

“So are governments. And, you know, actual people.”





[El Crow’s synapses misfire to such a degree that a miniature black hole is created at the center of his amygdala, imploding El Crow’s brain and sucking everything within a six block radius–including Manny Furious and a boba tea shop, two pizza shops, a Staples and three burger joints–into its inescapable Void.]

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